Ruth Liebling MCSP HPC RZT BSCH 
Hypnotherapist & Reflexologist
Tel: 0208 202 8322


I had hypnotherapy to give up smoking and two years later I am still not smoking.  Ruth was amazing and without her there is no way I would have done this.  I also felt that while I was being hypnotised I was in a safe environment.

DS, London N3

I just wanted to drop you a line for all your help which not only helped get me through the difficult period after my fathers passing, but also gave me the strength of mind and level of concentration needed to help my football team win their first Gold Medal in over 40 years at the Maccabiah Games.  There is no question that Hypnotherapy works as long as the patient  approaches the treatment with an open mind.  

BA, London, NW11

I have always found Ruth Liebling to be incredibly caring, professional and effective.  Over a long period of time, she has treated me, helping to maintain my overall good health.  

MA, London N3

Ruth Liebling, is extremely caring, empathetic and listens carefully to all my needs. She adds highly innovative ideas of her own which I have implemented to my great advantage.  I find most of the treatments very effective and all-embracing on a physical, mental and emotional scale.

LPK London, NW3

I have found reflexology with Ruth Liebling to be remarkably healing, particularly when recovering from surgery and for areas that are difficult to treat directly.  It has been more effective than I would have thought possible.

EM, London, NW3

Having had a very troublesome menopause with a chronic problem with insomnia, I visited Ruth at the latter part of this period in my life. Over a six year period most of the symptoms started to diminish except the insomnia.  After the first session (which had a profound and unexpected effect) my sleeping pattern started to improve.  I have subsequently had a further session and have benefited tremendously.

GO, Stanmore, HA7