Ruth Liebling MCSP HPC RZT BSCH 
Hypnotherapist & Reflexologist
Tel: 0208 202 8322

About Reflexology

Reflexology (Reflex Zone Therapy) is the application of touch by the therapist to the feet. It works on the premise that the body and internal organs are 'mirrored' on the feet. The first signs of illness are often unnoticed or disregarded, yet these signs are detectable in the reflex zones of the feet.

Ruth Liebling trained as a reflexologist in 1992.  At your appointment, Ruth will take a full case history of your condition before assessing the feet and find out which systems or areas are showing signs of imbalance. Ruth then treats these areas to restore harmony in the body and stimulate the patient's own healing and self balancing mechanisms.

Reflexology is a very relaxing treatment and can help with many conditions. Ruth has had considerable experience in treating the following:

Stress and anxiety


Digestive / Gastro conditions such as IBS

Gynecological conditions such as painful menstruation and irritable bladder